Comprehensive Analysis of your Health Goals and Challenges

Getting to know eachother

We will start by discussing your heal challenges and goals. I can help you bridge that gap between where your health is now and where you want to be!

Weight Loss and Improvement in Wellbeing

Cognition, Mood, and Energy

  • Eating metabolically supportive foods

  • Effective exercise and movement

  • Lifestyle modifications

Eliminating toxic and unsupportive foods

Building a primally-aligned diet considering ancestry, allergies and palate preferences

Fridge, freezer and pantry makeover

Balancing Your Life









Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Your New Life Begins

I will help you through your entire journey. Little things I’ve learned here and there keep me on track each day to continue living a healthy life.

Tips & Tricks

Proactive Preparation for Life After Coaching is an important part of the program. You want to keep up your healthy life.  I am ready to begin empowering you with all the tools to maintain your new healthy lifestyle momentum.

Can I pay for hourly coaching instead of the full 8-week plan? How much?

Currently, I am only offering the 8-week program. To best serve you as a coach and assist you in establishing a lifelong healthy way of living, one hour of time is simply a drop in the bucket. Your personal health history and challenges are no doubt nuanced and intricate. To respect and empower your journey deserves dedicated one on one coaching through the beginning stages of transformation. Eight weeks allows time for you to enact lifestyle modifications and establish new patterns of eating, while I am there to coach you through the process.

How is your program different from a Paleo or vegan diet?

The program is based on a primally-aligned way of eating- similar to how our ancestors ate. In pop culture, this is commonly known as the Paleo diet. You may have also heard it referred to as an ancestral diet. The emphasis is on responsibly sourced, quality meat and animal products, fish, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruits while eliminating grains, industrial seed oils, processed foods, and modern food-like products. While I acknowledge the ethical arguments for veganism, from a physiological basis and nutritional standpoint, I do not endorse a vegan diet. If you choose to eat a vegan diet, I fully respect your decision, but this program is not for you.

I want to lose 50 pounds. How long will that take?

It depends! (Everyone’s least favorite answer, right?) But it’s true. How quickly you can expect to lose 10, 20, 50 or more pounds depends on several factors including your personal health history, genetics, age, environment, sleep quality and quantity, physical abilities and exercise/movement habits, what and how you eat, what and how much you drink, stress management, daily habits, and your support system.

I’ve gained and lost the same 20 pounds over and over. How will this program be different?

You will not be going at it alone this time! You’re hiring me to coach you through the program and establish life-long habits and behavioral changes. No more white knuckling or focusing on short-term goals. This program is not a short-term diet; it is a life-long way of eating and living. In addition to food, I also take into account other facets of your health like sleep, movement, spending time outdoors, community, brain health, and play. Also, before enrolling as a client, we will discuss the reason(s) why you want to lose weight. Losing and keeping the weight off is much more attainable when the reasons for weight loss are tied to long-term goals and you establish lifestyle modifications to support those goals. 

Designed to Guide You in Reclaiming your Vibrant Health!

Providing Educational Resources

I will provide educational resources to aide you in your health journey. Education is key. The more you know, the more changes you can make.

Facilitating lifestyle modifications

I will help you facilitate lifestyle modifications. My passion is to educate you on how to change your life and also how to continue to facilitate your new lifestyle!

Supporting behavioral changes

Behavioral changes are vital to succeeding with your health journey. Changing your unhealthy behaviors is vital to your success and I will be here every step of the way to support and maintain your healthy changes.

Real Results

Kick start your personalized program.


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